2008/9 were busy years for me!


First of all I appeared in "Take a breaks - Fate and fortune", as part of a group of three local psychics being tested by the general public as part of a "Glastonbury Roadshow".


Two face to face readings where conducted, where luckily I received good feedback.


2009 I was featured in Spirit and Destiny, as part of a prize (well one of my readings was) in a Glastonbury competion.

2014 and I am back in "Take a breaks fate and fortune" as "Psychic under the spotlight".

This time the testers are ladies from the general public and it's via telephone readings.

Read the results here.


2014 and I am contacted by top Cornish radio station Pirate FM. Can I be a regular bi monthly slot on their breakfast show. This ran until 2016.

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2016 has been a busy years to far with regards to magazine features, firstly I featured in the July issue of "Chat it's fate" magazine where I chatted about my life, shop and wiccan pathway, then in I am featured again in the November issue, with an example of my reading with a client where I tune into one of her past lives.

2017 Accurate prediction made on the breakfast show. Listen Here 

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2018 - Kindred Spirit Magazine

When I self published my book "Tarot Life Saver" I was contacted by Kindred Spirit magazine to submit this article. Have a read Kindred Spirit.