This is a BRAND NEW Reading.

An Intuitive Astrology reading looking at your astrological chart and seeing how it makes you the person that you are, and how your chart affects the way you see work, relationships and life.


Intiuitive astrology is so different to a normal astrological reading in the way that I use my psychic ability too, to get a feeling for you and the planets in your chart, I then relay it in the way that I conduct my other readings, matter of fact, and easy to understand, where you know that this reading is for you and you only.

It will not be a generalised reading similar to ones offered on other astrological sites, where you know it has just been run off a computer.

This reading is 500 words and above, a thorough reading. The turn around for this reading is 48 hours.

For this reading I will need your Full Name, Full Date of birth, including the Time and Place of Birth if you have it.

If you are wanting me to tune into someone else too, I will need all of their details for a birthchart too.

I will also attach with the reading you birthchart, and that of another too for your future reference.



Intuitive Astrology Email Reading

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